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Eco Feu Fireplaces | Contemporary Fireplaces | Ethanol Fireplaces Manufacturer and distributor of home ethanol, Eco-Feu offers a wide range of decorative fireplaces using ecological ethanol. The flame burns without smoke or odor, emitting a gentle heat while its intensity can be adjusted to create the desired atmosphere. The ethanol outbreak is a simple and affordable alternative that combines ambience, design and ecology, with ease.

These luxurious and contemporary fireplaces create an inviting atmosphere, not only in the house, but also in the garden, veranda or terrace. The wall models are easily installed on any wall surface while the portable model can move easily from one room to another or even from inside to outside. All of the Eco-Feu collections offer a classic style with contemporary design. Maintained directly by a renewable energy source, this decorative lighting requires very little maintenance.

All Eco-Feu fireplaces are fitted with dual rear protective stainless steel for protection against extreme heat experienced on the wall. In addition, all burners are also equipped with a double protective wall for maximum security.

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